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Sigil Synergy NFTs are now available for sale at

Sigil Synergy

Sigil Synergy

“Sigils are magical tools to help clarify and

focus energies in the manifestation of desires.”

Alice Hampton Dickerson

Find all the trending Sigil Synergy

merchandise at these online stores:

Zazzle, CafePress, and Society6.

SelfTalk Home - iPhone6s Plus.png
Spelling Sheets App.png
Infinite Abundance Mindset Home - iPhone
art garden publish tech textile
Beautiful Angels That Watch Over Me by Alice Dickerson
Ing Action Words For Lovers By Alice Dickerson

Everyday take a moment

and just breathe

Glamma Loves You Afghan.jpg
Leo the Lion /
art garden publish tech textile
Love23x365 /
Vertically Linked Garden Planter United States Design Patent No. US D686,431 S / July 23, 2013
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