Perseverance Through Senseless Distractions

December 14, 2016







Perseverance Through Senseless Distractions - PTSD - is a Maker's Mindset, that propels you forward to create no matter what act or actions / words or speech are focused on or around you.


Everything becomes a source for creation: soil and seeds; yarn and needles; thoughts and technology; paint and brushes, lead, ink, color on papers, canvases and surfaces; body parts and any form of support.


Creating is the shovel I use to dig deep where love, peace, joy, happiness and abundance reside.



left - The latest knitted scarf I made in the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year (

center - My new app "Grateful24 is an electronic haven where you can note your gratitude one thought at a time, then save them for future reflection or share them, making your gratitude a contagion that positively affects others." (

right - I grow basil in my urban garden. It is "one of the finest sources of many essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are required for optimum health." (


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