Making is the best medicine

July 6, 2016




It had been a long, long time since I had cleaned out and organized my craft closet.


Those of you who are now judging me don’t have one.


Those of you that do just released an all knowing tribal sigh and said “Oh yes, I need to do that” / visualized project(s) needing your time.


When you clean your craft room / closet / nook / area where your maker machinery / tools / materials / supplies / patterns reside, it is a treasure hunt, walking down memory lane during the holiday season.


I find that cleaning my craft closet is the perfect blend of magic and spirituality.


My heart rate quickens and things-to-do list increases, and it deepens and renews my brief in the marvel of many more tomorrows – when the house is quiet and everything is at hand to do what needs doing / the creative crew has gathered and it gets loud or quiet depending on the collective flow / or when your mind is being entertained and your hands need something wonderful to do.


Making is the best medicine. It illuminates and radiates love and defines the moment. The more you do, the more you have, the more you desire.

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