Wild Rose

June 23, 2016

In celebration of summer solstice I have harnessed the power of my Colorstrology color and the healing vibrations of agate and have created my latest amulet.



Summer is my birth season. I seem to do best when the Sun is shining bright and its light is shared for longer periods of time. It was probably the influence of the sun that had me believing in the color red. Or maybe red was the motivational fuel I needed then, to propel me forward, at that time.


When I was younger I thought red was my favorite color and shared that information with whoever was listening and rocked it every chance I got. It meant luck and happiness and wealth and I loved that.


Then I discovered Colorstrology – What Your Birthday Color Says About You by Michele Bernhardt. “Colorstrology combines astrology with intuitive wisdom and the metaphysical power of color to create a personal color for each day and month of the year.”


This new science states my color is “Wild Rose” which makes total sense to me. Most of my all-time favorite possessions have been pink including some “Annie Hall” sunglasses during my bohemian phase and a pair of perfect pink suede, sling backs with a kitten heel when I needed variety from platforms, oh and my first little girl purse that I treasure still. 


This book also states that this “color invokes and amplifies the spiritual side of life. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Wild Rose keeps you connected to the truth and your highest mission in life.”  My young red has been dusted with time and is now pink.


My hope, as I close out one decade and enter another, is that the properties of this color and the healing and protective qualities of this agate, fashioned into this amulet, will continue to fill my tank so I can be the best I can be.


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