Muses At Work

November 3, 2015


I’m still intoxicated from the all the creativity surrounding Halloween. People were at peak performance. To be able to look at a small child or a reflection in the mirror and “see” it can be transformed, then execute that vision, is proof positive of Muses at work.  The Angels clock in overtime, when after you finish and others see what you saw with no explanation needed.


At my house the last day in October is a big deal. We put up props outside and get bags of the good candy to lure Creativity right up to our front door. The creations are amazing – but it’s the smiles of the Makers that I enjoy the most. They might be tired or hungry or had to settle for a second choice color or material, but at that moment when I see them, the time they had spent creating are paying dividends and they are good philanthropists sharing the love.


With the drop in temperature finally, all this wonderful energy is congealing around me. I go to sleep with partial ideas and awake with executions to be tested. Life is wonderful.

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