Make Good

October 26, 2015

I wake every morning with a grateful heart. I love, am loved and can create. Life is extraordinary. As a Mother and Maker – I’m most proud of my children. They are these amazing people – intelligent, caring, creative, witty and full of love.


Recently, I’m honored to share I was in the delivery room with my daughter and son-in-law for the second time – just as a bystander with a front row perspective. Childbirth is the ultimate creative project.  When love is in the room to welcome a new life from mother and father to nurse and midwife it is a true miracle to witness.


A week later as I reflect on the experience of my granddaughter’s birth, I find myself questioning what role the Maker plays in a creation. Are we parents who conceive, incubate and deliver or the medical professionals who train, examine and elevate and assist with delivery?


Are the ideas that crowd my thoughts, of my creation or have they been given to me and I’m just assisting with bringing them to life?


My belief is that a Maker is both parent and midwife. That to Make Good one needs to train and conceive and examine and elevate and incubate and assist with delivery and deliver. Because when you Make Good, you can sever yourself from the idea and it can standalone in this world.

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