Maker Spirit

September 22, 2015


I firmly believe that a handmade gift is so much more than an offering. The thought, time and creativity make it a masterpiece. When the intent of that energy is for a specific person, love is infused into its very being. Each project undertaken requires selection of materials. Materials selected require decisions on texture, color, weight, amount, size and more. To manipulate the materials the proper tools are needed and the knowledge of how to use them is essential. Once the maker’s creativity and talents are employed, what was only once an idea transmutes into an object, which generates its own positive energy.


Over the years I have made a variety of projects. They have been sewn, knitted – hand and machine, crocheted, strung, hammered, nailed and screwed, cut, designed, scanned, planted, glued and covered in decoupage. I have made things for myself and have shared countless others with family and friends. All have provided me with such a joy while I was making them. During the creative process most have transported me into such a state of flow that eating and sleeping were no longer of importance and I have felt more in tuned with my true self.


My highest hope is that the Maker Spirit in all of us is allowed to produce and that time and resources are allocated to this cause. The universe will match the energy and assist in the effort. What is created will be permeated with love and once shared, will bring positivity to its surrounding.


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