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SelfTalk allows you to "Script Your Thoughts" by expressing and sharing your Gratitude and Affirmations; formalizing your Purpose, Goals and Questions; and discovering your "Verbal Vibrations."


Continuously referring to and reading this content will reinforce your desired thoughts and actions.

"Edit them as you evolve."

SelfTalk 7 3-Gratitude - iPhone 6s Plus

Gratitude that is shared with others has numerous benefits. With SelfTalk you can express your gratitude, share it via text or email with others and save it for Reflection. Alerts can also be set on your device at 30 or 60-minute intervals, that will remind you to pause and answer the question "What are you grateful for?"

SelfTalk 7 has an added digital Journal feature that allows your Reflections to be emailed, saved and printed.


Share your Gratitude and Affirmations with others by clicking the content field and buttons will appear on both sides. The Share Button is on the left and gold. It will create a text message using the content in the field. The default Share setting is for text messages. This can be changed by Clicking the Share Via button.

SelfTalk 7 5-Journal - iPhone 6s

Delete all prompts by clicking on the red Delete Button on the right. Note this will permanently delete the content in that field.

SelfTalk 7 8-Intentions - iPhone 6s Plus
SelfTalk 7 6-Purpose - iPhone 6s
SelfTalk 7 7-Affirmations - iPhone 6s Pl
SelfTalk 7 9-Questions - iPhone 6s Plus.

Add more input fields to all prompts by clicking on the Title Button in the top, left-hand corner with the + sign. Note only 8 fields for each prompt are available. Exclusions - word you do not want to appear in the Verbal Vibrations list can be created and edited. 

Verbal Vibrations can take several moments to appear based on the amount of content entered. Take this time to monitor your breathing and be at peace. 

SelfTalk 7 Pause - iPhone 6s Plus .png
SelfTalk 7 10-Verbal Vibrations - iPhone
SelfTalk 7 Meme - iPhone 6s Plus .png
SelfTalk Home - iPhone6s Plus.png
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