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Infinite Abundance Mindset (IAM5) -
Infinite Abundance Mindset (IAM5) -
Infinite Abundance Mindset 6.0 - Harriet Tubman Edition features Dano Wall's "Tubman Stamp" graphic commemorating the 100th anniversary, in 2020, of the passage of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote.

Infinite Abundance Mindset (IAM) is a mental workout that trains your brain to retain more information and strengthens your concentration, while you count money. 


In addition to making your mental muscle stronger, IAM brings the power of money back into focus as you are seeing and working with images of actual U.S. Currency. Having the opportunity to sharpen your math skills while positively imagining abundant cash flow into your life makes IAM the ideal tool for a mind that craves a mental challenge and understands the importance of prosperous visualization. 


Working with IAM will allow you to see both cognitive benefits (a boost in brain power) and a personal financial awareness that is energized by the Law of Attraction. What you think about and focus on will manifest into your reality. Bring money into your thoughts and into your world. 


The objective of Infinite Abundance Mindset (IAM) is to count the most “money” as quickly and accurately as possible and then “deposit” that amount. The correct answer will be added to your total Assessment. An incorrect amount will be deducted.


Every time you hear a "Spin" and see a "rotating $100 bill" add the face value of the currency to your total - remembering to include the first one you see when you begin.


A new bill is revealed, by clicking on the current one. Click the Transaction button to submit your answer.


You can accumulate up to $1Trillion in you Infinite Abundance Mindset Account Balance. The balance can be viewed in your Account, as a Check Draft or shared with others in a text.


Plus a Daily "I Am" Statement generator provides you with motivation and focus on prosperity.
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Infinite Abundance Mindset
is the Love Child between
Brain Training & the Law of Attraction

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