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"Makers no longer have to wait for producers to pick them. With on-demand manufacturing they are easily monetizing their talents and multiplying exposure of their creations from one-to-one to one-to-many without diminishing the value of the original. Codes, images, music and words are done and shared and enjoyed without being weighed down by inventory and the associated costs of short production runs or warehousing.


Passive income – income that doesn’t have to be traded for time - is realized by selling merchandise for little or no outlay of cash. With these additional revenue streams thinking is freed and focus is sharpened to what's really important.


These new creators have many wardrobe changes throughout the day – Maker, Manufacturer, Marketer, but that’s okay because they can strip bare between each, in the privacy of their own workspaces. Who better than the creator to manage the manufacturing? Who better than the creator to explain the creation and the need for it? Technology, the internet and social media can now take an idea global and is shortening the span between the actor, action, article and audience.


As the use of these resources increases, the term starving artist will become a relict along with the critic. With on-demand manufacturing, Makers just need to make and let the market decide."

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